The Road Unknown

The Road Unknown

“There may be aim and meaning on our path – but it is the way, which is the worth to last.” “On the move” – Karin Boye 1927

Photo manipulation. Eight layers in Paintshop Pro 2018.


Sometimes it gets personal

 Old Wounds

Every now and then art gets personal – it ceases to be an experimentation by the artist and becomes a reflection of the artist.

This piece ties in with what I have shared on another blog:

daily life

almost melt-down


why bother?

Cave Painting

So. I have not been doing anything creative for 5 years – well that is what happens when you are on the spectrum… depression and anxiety combined with general life collapse, and there is simply not enough energy for creativity.

However, lately I have felt some stirrings of the creative kind…


Cave Painting – photo-manipulation – 3 layers using Gimp 2.0 Textures by ©Eva Spångberg (Isskulptur Djurönäset) and ©enframed (stone). Artwork © Henric C. Jensen

Not too bad considering that I have no access to Paintshop Pro 8 which is my preferred tool for this kind of work, and I have to use Gimp 2.0, which I am not familiar with.

I used 3 basic layers: photo of a generic boy from Shutterstock and 2 texture layers from friends.


artist1i apologize for not having been around for a few days – i have been in bed with a nasty cold. the kind that makes you feel like you are dying in a thousand ways, and wishing you were dead in at least one way…

i might not find the energy to paint for yet a while, meaning that i might not post to this blog for a while either – it is tricky to paint when you could end up sneezing at any moment – adding solvents to the canvas that do not mix well with oil paints…

to tide you over for a bit – try out  some of the links to other blogging artists –  you find them on the left hand side of this blog.


DaVinci Female


i am allergic to traditional solvents like turpentine, so i have to use water mixable oil paints – right now i am using Windsor & Newton’s Artisan series. i have used Reeves’ water mixable oil colors, but although they are cheaper than W&N and vastly cheaper than Holbein, i also find that the fluidity of the colors are lacking – i.e i need to use more medium to get a consistency and texture i can work with. also i feel that the pigment/tinting is not as good as in W&N.

Color Chart


i use water mixable linseed oil,  water mixable thinner and basic water mixable artis’ts medium (all from W&N) – what i do not use is water. yes it is cheap, plentiful and all that, but it tends to make the colors look ‘grey’, ‘listless’. water is good for cleaning the brushes, palette and rags with, but do not mix it into anything you want to put on a canvas.


… are very much about personal preferences, artistic style, and technique. personally i prefer to use synthetic filbert brushes. though some techniques (shummring) i use are done best with a traditional hog brush.


… are also very much about personal preferences. i will paint on anything that i can cover in a white acrylic base and place on my easel. if you feel that you want the canvas feel, but cannot afford a traditional canvas – a canvas covered cardboard is a good alternative. often artists’ shops will sell in packs of 10 on a discount if you buy the same size.

well i am running out of time here, so more on a later date – among other things – how to preserve specific colors i have mixed on my palette…