The Road Unknown

The Road Unknown

“There may be aim and meaning on our path – but it is the way, which is the worth to last.” “On the move” – Karin Boye 1927

Photo manipulation. Eight layers in Paintshop Pro 2018.



Sometimes it gets personal

 Old Wounds

Every now and then art gets personal – it ceases to be an experimentation by the artist and becomes a reflection of the artist.

This piece ties in with what I have shared on another blog:

daily life

almost melt-down


why bother?

Cave Painting

So. I have not been doing anything creative for 5 years – well that is what happens when you are on the spectrum… depression and anxiety combined with general life collapse, and there is simply not enough energy for creativity.

However, lately I have felt some stirrings of the creative kind…


Cave Painting – photo-manipulation – 3 layers using Gimp 2.0 Textures by ©Eva Spångberg (Isskulptur Djurönäset) and ©enframed (stone). Artwork © Henric C. Jensen

Not too bad considering that I have no access to Paintshop Pro 8 which is my preferred tool for this kind of work, and I have to use Gimp 2.0, which I am not familiar with.

I used 3 basic layers: photo of a generic boy from Shutterstock and 2 texture layers from friends.


artist1i apologize for not having been around for a few days – i have been in bed with a nasty cold. the kind that makes you feel like you are dying in a thousand ways, and wishing you were dead in at least one way…

i might not find the energy to paint for yet a while, meaning that i might not post to this blog for a while either – it is tricky to paint when you could end up sneezing at any moment – adding solvents to the canvas that do not mix well with oil paints…

to tide you over for a bit – try out  some of the links to other blogging artists –  you find them on the left hand side of this blog.