old palette1

something amazing happened the other day. i had run out of paintings to work on and picked up a wood panel i had prepared some weeks ago. i had coated it with white acrylic paint and then put it on a shelf. i found it under a pile of carbon-copy paper, and some of the carbon ink had rubbed off on the panel. first i tried to remove it with some of the thinner i use when i paint. didn’t work. so i tried acetone. well it melted some of the tape i had covered the edges, but didn’t remove the smudges fast enough for me, so i poured the acetone over the panel, and then soaked up the acetone with tissue. that worked, it better than worked. it etched patterns into the paint on the panel, clearing some parts of the panel of carbon smudges, diluting some other parts…and left an amazing ‘image’ – which i decided to ‘enhance’.



now it’s not finished, but it will be.